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Refraction Training Courses (Refraction Certificate)

“I am pleased (to inform you) that I passed the exam with just 2-3 weeks of preparation, in the first attempt, while doing a full time job and that is because of your online tuition. All the (course) contents were precise and well presented. Many thanks for checking on me 4 weeks prior to the exam if I needed the online course because at that point I had given up on the exam. If not for your email maybe I would not have even appeared for the exam. And my raw score was 15!” – RB, Specialty Doctor (ophthalmologist), Ipswich (2023) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“I actually stumbled upon these (online refraction) courses while reading Refraction Certificate prep on another website. Dr Gupta is an excellent tutor during these courses. I was unable to find a formal teaching regarding refraction and his lectures were perfect in that I was able to fully understand the concepts of refraction and how to apply them to patients efficiently. I did the course two weeks before the (RCOphth) Refraction Certificate exam, then had a model eye and trial lenses and practiced intensively. I highly recommend this course as it helped me passed first time!” – VB, MBBS, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Trinidad & Tobago (2022) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Nav is a brilliant teacher. He is patient and knows exactly how to explain things to someone new to refraction. He is also very well-versed with the exams themselves. I would highly recommend him.” – JG, BSc, MBBS, ST3 (ophthalmologist), London (2021) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“It’s difficult to accurately learn refraction skills during a busy work day, and I wanted to perfect retinoscopy and focimetry as well as learn about best technique to pass exam. Optuitions offers excellent one-to-one tutoring, really useful and personalised feedback, and up-to-date information on the exam. Good online resources to access prior to the course and familiarise with course content. Easy course location to find and relaxed learning environment. I gained increased confidence in retinoscopy and focimetry and better understanding of exam requirements. I definitely recommend consider taking the course and/or mock exam to help refine retinoscopy skill and for personalised feedback – useful tips and improvement in skill and confidence, and I found practising with the tablet in the mock exam useful to the real exam situation and helped manage time pressures better.” – SS, MBChB, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Birmingham (2021) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“The blended refraction course is very informative and teaches exactly what is needed to clear the refraction certificate. I was fortunate to attend this course and clear my exam at the first attempt. Navneet is very professional, explains everything with great clarity and is contactable for any doubts even at the last minute. I would really like to thank him for the help and support during my preparation and would recommend this course to anyone giving the refraction certificate.” – SR, MBBS, Ophthalmologist Registrar, Norwich (2021) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Just to say a HUGE thank you for all your teaching and advice. I’m so happy to have passed on the first attempt (having taken the blended learning refraction course and separate mock exam course), it’s a big weight off my shoulders. I couldn’t have done it without you!” – KM, BSc, MA, MBChB, ST3 (ophthalmologist), London (2021) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Many seniors recommended this (blended learning refraction) course, and I am really grateful that I took their advice! Nav is a great mentor, and gives personalised / individualised in-person sessions. The tutoring, the service, the location and learning environment are high quality. Nav also swiftly responds to any follow-up queries I had without fail. It is really great to have so skilled and highly qualified a professional like Nav to personally teach me how to do retinoscopy, and to mentor me. Overall it was excellent practice and would advise others to go for it!” – MT, MA, Other ST1 (ophthalmologist), London (2021) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“I attended the blended-learning refraction course around 2 weeks before my exam. The day was very well structured with tips on technique, advice for the exam and day to day to day practice. There was ample time to practice and towards the end of the day I practiced stations in an exam style to help prepare. Nav is a great teacher and very approachable offering help and advice even after the course. The videos were also excellent quality to help prepare for the day. I would highly recommend this course.” – SS, BSc, MBBS, ST2 (ophthalmologist), London (2021) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“I attended the mock test course couple of weeks before my exam. The course was extremely helpful. Nav is very experienced and knows what is expected in exam. He explained all the important points to save time in the exam. He is very approachable even after I finished my course. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to brush up their refraction skills before the exam.” – SS, MBBS, Ophthalmologist Registrar, Birmingham (2020) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“The course was amazing. It is the main reason I passed this exam. I felt so worried as no one knew what to expect in the new exam format. This course gave me confidence and was so similar to the real exam. I mastered the refraction technique and followed all the steps which were taught to me in the course on the exam and got very high marks in almost all stations. And this was all in a one day course. The course environment was so relaxing. This course is definitely worth the time and money spent. I would highly recommend it and I believe it is an essential part in the success in the exam.” – NG, MA, PhD, Specialist Associate (ophthalmologist), Maidstone (2020) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Nav is a super teacher. I went into the course having done zero prep and he taught me everything for the Refraction Certificate exam in a single day. The online videos were great as well!” – AK, MBBS, MA, ST2 (ophthalmologist), London (2020) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Nav is very enthusiastic and tries his best to make sure you have understood everything before he moves on to the next subject. He pays attention to every detail and makes you feel comfortable during the course regardless of your knowledge level in refraction. Nav was in contact with me even after the course had finished, encouraging questions and passing on to all of us any information he had in regards to the new set up of the exam due to COVID. A massive thank you for all your help!!” – ME, MBBS, Specialist Associate (ophthalmologist), London (2020) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Nav is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. The pre-recorded course material and explains things very clearly: I have to admit I was a complete novice and felt a bit stupid asking senior colleagues basic questions about ret – the pre-recorded material was excellent in this regard as it covers some really basic concepts (which a lot of other courses/senior colleagues may incorrectly assume you already know.) Although the structure of the exam has now changed significantly (i.e. just rets on model eyes and a focimetry station), Nav covered all of the other elements of subjective refraction in the course. Although this actually wasn’t necessary for the exam, to be honest my knowledge increased exponentially and I found that learning some fundamental theory was very helpful in just generally improving my overall understanding of refraction as a whole.” AR, BA, MBChB, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Bournemouth (2020) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Very helpful practical tips and examination” BR, MBBS, ST3 (ophthalmologist), London (2020) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Ophthalmology isn’t something we get much exposure to at medical school or during our years as a general junior doctor amongst A&E, medicine/general surgery, paeds etc. Starting ST training in ophthalmology is usually being chucked in at the deep end learning to operate, run emergency clinic and specialist clinics, new clinical skills e.g. intravitreals whilst we have never really been exposed to even how to examine the eye on a slit lamp – amongst taking RCOphth’s notoriously hard Part 1 exam etc. All of a sudden the refraction exam comes into the mix – another kettle of fish altogether! It’s not something that’s taught at all – and not something we’re exposed to during our regular hospital week. At the most, on a paeds firm we might ret a few babies here and there…. so it felt sensible to seek some extra help via a course. The Optuitions refraction course has a nice central Midlands location, nice office space, perfectly adequate for the course, parking was a bit tricky but managed to find somewhere. It was obvious from booking that Optuitions had a really good handle on what the exam was about and what it needed from us – and how best to teach that. The videos were excellent – really thorough and simply explained with explanations for why things are done in a certain way. It was so well thought out. Exam-focussed techniques on the day were great as was the ability to discuss/ask questions even after the course via email, which was excellent. Highly recommended!” TS, MBBS, ST2 (ophthalmologist), Cambridge (2020) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“I attended the (1-to-1 blended learning refraction) course to review my refraction technique prior to starting my self-directed practice for the RCOphth refraction certificate. The one to one nature of the day, coupled with the large number of objective and subjective refractions through the day was a huge help. The instruction was excellent with great tips for improving ability, and was tailored to the level required. It certainly helped me pass the exam first time. Well worth the investment. Thanks Optuitions!” JRM, MBBS, ST2 (ophthalmologist), Wessex (2019) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“The (mock refraction stations) course was helpful in simulating the exam environment. I got very useful feedback which I could use to improve my exam performance. The online tutorial was well constructed.” RD, MBBS, Ophthalmologist Registrar, Sussex (2019) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“The (mock refraction stations) was a good course. Dr Gupta gave me some really helpful tips for the examination. It’s just a bit expensive!” AG, MBBS, Specialist / Associate Ophthalmologist, Yeovil (2019) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 4/5 Stars Response from Optuitions: Thank you for the feedback, which is much appreciated. The blended learning nature of the course (where we offer 1 week of access to our taught material prior to the mock exam, included in the price) means that there is added value beyond what you receive on the day. Whilst we always endeavour to keep our prices competitive we do need to ensure that the courses are viable to run too.

“I found Dr Gupta’s teaching approach in this course systematic and comprehensive and I particularly liked the blended approach (online learning + practical experience) of this course, which helped consolidate my knowledge and skills. I would highly recommend this to all trainees preparing for the Refraction Certificate.” PS, BSc, MBChB, ST1 (ophthalmologist), London (2019) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“A very good (blended learning refraction) course – comprehensive and plenty of opportunity to practice.” GM, BSc, MBChB, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Brighton (2019) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“I passed the refraction certificate examination at the first attempt, with more than 30 marks above the pass mark! I took the online course and attended a 1-to-2 mock exam with Optuitions. Dr Gupta has a natural talent and charisma. He conveys knowledge in a way that not a lot of teachers do. Knowledge in a teacher is not enough. It needs to be conveyed to students. Dr Gupta has both!” PV, MBBS, Ophthalmologist Registrar, Surrey (2019) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Excellent course structure and clear advice with pointers for the examination. Great baseline provided to practice in clinics to build experience for the exam.” HN, MBBS, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Surrey (2018/19) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Extremely useful (blended learning refraction course), especially the online course material followed by the one-to-one course; it’s all you need to feel confident for the exam.” – DEG, Specialist Associate (ophthalmologist), Fleet, Hampshire (2018/19) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Dr Gupta was very methodical and patient. His teaching method is excellent and he went through the material with me step-by-step and didn’t mind repeating it when necessary. The course allowed for a lot of practice too. I went for a one-to-one 2-day course about 5 months before my exam, before I had even started practicing anything for the exam, and I found this very helpful as I was able to find out what I was supposed to be doing with my practice patients. Overall it was really good and I would recommend it to others.” – SK, BSc, MBBS, ST2 (ophthalmologist), Surrey (2018/19) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Definitely a very helpful 1-1 course and mock exam. The only thing is that I wish I was provided with a revision note in print or PDF format to help revision, especially given the cost of the course. Thank you.” – CAP, MBChB, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Sheffield (2018/19) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 4/5 Stars – Response from Optuitions: Thank you for the feedback, which is much appreciated. Since you took the course with us we have adapted the provision accordingly and now provide online material as part of a blended learning course, allowing opportunity for delegates to make their own written notes from the online teaching material, in their own time.

“Thank you Optuitions for such a comprehensive revision course! I found it particularly useful for the knowledge and skills required for the refraction certificate examination, which I passed first time!” – LL, BSc, MBBS, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Northampton (2018) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“The (mock exam) course was extremely useful, and very exam directed. The design of the course uncovered several flaws in my technique and thanks to this and the time pressure experienced, I made a lot of common mistakes which drew my attention to particular aspects of the exam that I needed to work on – it was the most useful practice I could get. Dr Gupta created a very friendly atmosphere, gave specific pointers, picked up on the mistakes and gave me teaching on the aspects I was missing. It definitely helped me pass. Really good course with real patients and excellent personalized feedback. Thank you!” – MNO, MBChB, ST1 (ophthalmologist), London (2018) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Extremely helpful course (one-to-two learning course) and mock exam with Optuitions to prepare for and pass the refraction certificate exam first time!” – NA, MBBS, Ophthalmologist Registrar, Frimley, London (2018) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“I was very hesitant to book the refraction exam because I felt like refraction was something I would never be able to get my head around and I was very intimidated by the whole thing. We don’t receive any training for refraction as an ophthalmology trainee but we are expected to teach ourselves and just pass this exam within a certain time frame. I went on this course as recommended by a friend and Dr Gupta completely demystified refraction and the exam. Not only is he obviously an expert with refraction, but he’s also very familiar with the exam itself, how it’s run, how it’s marked etc. I’m not sure that other course providers will have the same insight. He’s a fantastic teacher, he gives individual feedback in a relaxed environment, and I had so much confidence in him. My exam preparation literally involved going on his 2 day course, taking the mock exam, and practising on less than 15 patients. Some stations I did not practice on any patient but I still scored highly because I rehearsed and followed Dr Gupta’s steps. Definitely recommend!” – KT, BSc, + other medical qualification ST2 (ophthalmologist), Sutton, London (2018) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“This course was recommended to me by one of the trainees. I had no previous experience in refraction and I found the 1-1 two day learning course really very helpful. Dr Gupta is an excellent teacher, I learnt how to go through each station of the exam in a simple manner with clear steps.The course covers all the stations needed for the refraction exam, and I was able to make notes throughout the 2-day course. I learnt how to do refraction and was able to practice refracting on simulated patients with different lenses, both cycloplegic and non cycloplegic retinoscopy too. I felt more confident with my refraction technique. I also attended the mock exam course 3 weeks before my exam, which provided me with invaluable tips. I am glad that I passed my exam from my first attempt. I highly recommend this course, especially if you have limited experience in refraction. I think it is a very good investment of money and time, especially if I do not need to sit this exam again! Many thanks Dr Gupta.” – MEM, MBChB, Specialist Associate Ophthalmologist, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire (2018) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“Really worth it! Glad that I did this course (2-day learning course plus mock exam course) before revising and practising. I would recommend this to anyone sitting the exam and feel it should be part of the College curriculum” – LAK, BSc, MA, MBBS, ST2 (ophthalmologist), London (2018) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“I attended a 1-to-2 mock refraction exam course and I would advise that you take the mock exam early! This will help you to know the areas that you need to work on to pass the exam.” – PS, MBBS, Ophthalmologist Registrar, London (2018) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 4/5 Stars

“I attended the mock stations / practice course with Optuitions 3 weeks prior to the exam in London. We have regular teaching in our Deanery but it can be quite bitty, and we don’t often get our technique assessed in a timed setting. This was the main purpose of attending this course. I had been recommended it by a colleague. The equipment, set up and environment were all appropriate but the most useful aspect was my technique being observed and receiving specific feedback/criticism. Also, there’s a slight exam feel to it, so if you get nervous in exam situations then it’s good to recognise it before the exam. The expense is a bit steep, and I had to organise travel and overnight accommodation from Glasgow to the West Midlands, but if it means one-to-one feedback that gets you one step closer to your exit exams then I would say it’s worth it!” – MEA, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Glasgow (2017/2018) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars

“I took a 1-to-2 mock refraction exam course with a friend and I thought it was a great course. Dr Gupta was very clear in what was needed for the exam and a good enthusiastic teacher. The personalised feedback really helped and the room was set-up well for the stations.” – LYG, MBBS, ST2 (ophthalmologist), London (2017/2018) Course Rating: ★★★★★ 4/5 Stars

“I enjoyed my practice session and mock exam with Optuitions. I had been attending refraction clinics and practicing prior to this session, at my local hospital, and was getting ready to do my refraction exam. I attended the mock exam to try and fine tune my technique and prepare for the exam format. All the tips and advice Dr Gupta had provided were invaluable. I am pleased that I passed my exam on my first attempt and scored very highly! I would certainly recommend this course!” – MT, MBChB, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Kettering (2017/2018)

I was looking for a refraction course that would give close 1-to-1 support and would also be at a convenient time, due to time and annual leave constraints of work. I also wanted a course to help me get a good base refraction technique that I could then use to practice for a few weeks prior to the exam. The Optuitions course was ideal as there were 1-to-1 and 1-to-2 offerings with a Friday and Saturday available. Dr Gupta was approachable and extremely accommodating. The course was held at his opticians practice with access to all the necessary equipment and we had plenty of time to go through every single station with practice and adaptations for individual variations. The teaching was excellent and I felt a lot happier after the two-day course. I could make notes and top tips on every station that were invaluable to me later in practicing, as each part of the course was tailored at maximizing marks and increasing efficiency in time pressured stations. I passed my exam on the first try and by far the most useful investment of my study budget this year. I have also found the course has helped me with refracting patients in the paediatrics clinic I now run, especially as we also went through different ways of refracting (I was able to practice with my lens rack). A really excellent course which I would recommend for trainee ophthalmologists who are a few weeks from sitting their refraction exam.” – PN, MBChB, MPhil, ST2 (ophthalmologist), London (2016/2017)

“I had no teaching at my place of work that enabled me to prepare for the Refraction Certificate. I had attended a weekend course at another provider but felt that it was rushed and the groups were too large to support a proper understanding. I felt I had wasted my money on that course and decided to invest in high quality teaching that would enable the best chance of passing first time. Optuitions was recommended by a friend who had just passed the refraction certificate first time with a >90% pass mark. Even though I was based in London, Optuitions’ reputation was so good I decided to travel. I paid for two days of 1-to-1 tuition. Dr Gupta’s intelligence and expertise was second to none. He was able to clearly explain the reasoning behind everything he taught me and could answer all my questions so I fully understood what I was doing and why. I was very lucky to find such an incredible tutor. The location was comfortable and easy to get to (even from London) and all the equipment we needed was readily available as well as a real patient to practice my refraction on. Dr Gupta is a fantastic teacher, all his teaching was totally geared to the exam, which was exactly what I wanted. We even practiced on the exam paper worksheets as I was learning, so they became familiar. The course was worth every penny! It is more expensive than other courses but if you do what Optuitions teach you it’s unlikely you will have to waste money retaking! And I feel I really understand the process of refracting. I deserved to pass first time – and did!” – AM, MBBS MA, ST1 (ophthalmologist), London (2016/2017)

“I tried learning refraction on the job in clinics and made some progress but found I was making myself a bit unpopular with other staff who were not sympathetic to our ST requirements. Optuitions came recommended by another trainee who had successfully passed the exam the year before. Dr Gupta was very professional and well-prepared. The set-up was great and the lenses were the same set as I had in my exam. Although it’s a long journey from London, the journey was straightforward (except for the day the train broke down!). Paying for a course like this was certainly worth it as it’s less than the cost of a re-sit. I don’t think I’d have passed without Dr Gupta’s tuition so thank you!” – VN, MBBS MA(Cantab), ST1 (ophthalmologist), London (2016)

“I sat for my refraction certificate exam in January 2016. It was my second time and I am glad to say I passed! The first time I sat the exam I missed by 2 marks and because of that I was thinking of getting extra help from a good tutor as I could not afford to miss this net attempt. I found Optuitions on the College website and decided to go there for a 1:2 session with a friend of mine. It was a really valuable experience to have tutorials with Dr Gupta. I realized all my mistakes that I made in the previous attempt and Dr Gupta paid great attention in explaining these to me as well as correctly teaching me how to perform retinoscopy in a logical way, how to do the near add, lens neutralization, and subjective refraction. Most importantly he was able to teach us how to manage the time efficiently at exam and how to answer the questions properly, which I had a very poor idea of beforehand. This time I sat the exam with more confidence and I felt that I performed better. In fact I was able to finish most of the stations before the end of the time limit, including a very difficult near add station. So overall, Optuitions provided good guidance that was exam oriented and I am very pleased! Thanks to Dr Gupta.” – WJ, Specialty Registrar in Ophthalmology, Northampton (2016)

“Preparing for a clinical examination in refraction is very difficult with no formal teaching. It requires a structure and thorough understanding of what’s involved. I had done a course when I first started training and found that too much theory with too many different people joining in and little practice time was not very helpful and I was still very scattered in my approach. When I heard from colleague that there was a 1-to-1 refraction course over a weekend with an excellent optometrist and teacher, I thought that that would be the way forward and indeed it was. At Optuitions I learned how to go through the process using a step-wise approach, I managed to tease out my insecurities on a 1-to-1 basis, got plenty of practice time geared towards what I needed most, and there was simple and logical reading material to help along the way. All my questions were answered, if I was feeling overwhelmed we took a break or if I still wanted to learn more we kept going and overall managed to cover everything in appropriate detail over the 2 day course. It was easy to focus in the quiet and very accessible practice. The simulated patient allowed for practice with a selection of different lenses allowing for enough variety in refractive error with personalized feedback. I also had a lot of time for detailed notes tailored to what I most struggled with, and I have continued to use these all throughout my practice. I managed to do very well in my exam! When I first went over I was almost clueless, but having done the course early I had a solid structure and regular practice helped me get through it very smoothly, I managed to finish the whole refraction in 15 minutes, felt confident in what I had done and still had a good grasp of the extra material which is often examined. I highly recommend this course, and I think it’s a good idea to do it early so as to allow structured practice. It definitely makes more sense to do this type of thing on a 1-to-1 basis and allow yourself time to find out what it is you mostly need from the course.” – LK, MB BCh BAO, Ophthalmologist Trainee, Sligo, Ireland (2015)

“As a trainee ophthalmologist, I sought structured teaching on refraction for use in both clinical practice and exam settings. The service at Optuitions was recommended by colleagues, and it was an excellent investment in my training. I chose a 2-day one-on-one course. This gave me ample opportunity to refine my technique. It enabled me to pass my professional refraction exams, and gave me confidence in my refraction skills for clinical practice.” – EH, SHO in Ophthalmology, Dublin, Ireland (2015)

“I attended the Optuitions refraction course having been recommended by a colleague. Despite having no refraction experience, the course not only gave me the confidence to undertake retinoscopy in a busy paediatric clinic but established the important fundamentals in preparing for the RCOphth refraction certificate. The high instructor to delegate ratio ensures an excellent quality of tuition, which I feel is unparalleled by other refraction courses.” – SW, BM BCh BA, ST1 (ophthalmologist), London (2015)

“I would recommend the Optuitions two-day course which I sat in January 2015. The course thoroughly covers all stations that will come up in the refraction certificate exam and is practical. The course I attended was for just me and a friend. Dr Gupta organised it around what we wanted. I can’t compare it to other courses as it’s the only one I attended, but I think it would be much more useful than having a bigger course in a large group.” – AB, MBChB, ST1 (ophthalmologist), London (2015)

“I passed the refraction certificate on my first attempt under the guidance of Dr Gupta from Optuitions. Optuitions offered one to one teaching which I believed suited me the best. I found Dr Gupta to be very professional and knowledgeable.  He provided invaluable feedback on my examination techniques which built my confidence for the exam. Optuitions was right next to a major train line from Birmingham and I found the location very convenient. Overall the courses were concise and the materials were exactly what I needed providing great value for money. I would certainly recommend Optuitions to anyone who seeks to achieve the next step in their career.” – JK, MBChB, Ophthalmology Registrar (ophthalmologist), Dublin, Ireland (2015)

“The Optuitions revision course is an excellent resource in the preparations for the refraction certificate. It provides exam-focussed revision which is difficult to achieve on your own. I chose the Optuitions course as it allowed me to have tuition one-to-one, which is something I knew I would personally benefit from. It is however also available to share the course with friends or colleagues if that is something the delegate would prefer. The tutoring was excellent and very personal, identifying and improving your specific needs. The mock OSCE stations allowed all the new techniques learnt to be put into practice which is useful to test your skills with the exam time restrictions! It is comparable in cost to other revision courses on the market and accessible by public transport or car. Overall it is a fantastic, highly recommended course. Dr Gupta is approachable and professional even beyond the date of the revision course.” – EC, MBChB, ST2 (ophthalmologist), London (2015)

“The main reason I sought extra support was due to the lack of refractive training ophthalmology trainees in Ireland get. I also had a refractive examination approaching and wanted to pass it first time. I chose to take on Dr. Gupta’s services as I liked the idea of 1:1 teaching. In a group setting, an individual’s weaknesses are not always addressed. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of tutoring I received. Everything was broken down in a stepwise manner and any concerns or queries I had were addressed immediately and efficiently. The location was very suitable, providing a quiet, learning environment. I am now confident at refracting patients when the need arises and managed to pass the ICO’s refraction examination. I have already recommended Dr. Gupta’s services to two of my fellow trainees. The course was most definitely a good investment both time wise and financially.” – ANM, MB BCh NUI, Specialist Trainee (ophthalmologist), Galway, Ireland (2015)

“I had difficulty performing refractions at work as I felt there was no structure and poor understanding of what I was doing. There is also a lack of proper courses for refraction in the country that I am currently working in. I needed a 1-to-1 course where a qualified practitioner can identify my problem(s) and teach me the right techniques and knowledge. The 1-to-1 and “bespoke” approach are the strongest aspects of this course as there is no other such course available elsewhere. The quality of tutorial was excellent with clear, straightforward and easy to understand explanations. I now have more confidence in refraction and a better understanding and proper structure to follow when refracting patients of various refractive states. The location is convenient as it is very close to public transportation – I easily travelled from Dublin and although it took a lot out of me, it was worth my time and money! It is the most value-for-money course I have been to, the only course that offers a 1-to-1 approach with a price that is cheaper than other “large-group” courses. If you want to pass your refraction exam, go to Optuitions!” – NR, MB BCh BAO, MRCSI(Ophth), Specialist Trainee (ophthalmologist), Dublin, Ireland (2015)

“Before sitting the Refraction Certificate examination, I chose to revise by taking the Optuitions revision course, which has proved to be excellent. Dr. Gupta was very prompt and open to all my queries before the course, regarding the date of the course and the structure, making it very convenient and perfectly fitting my needs and busy programme. He was very helpful with finding accommodation and with travel arrangements too. The course was very well structured and he was very thorough all throughout it, concentrating on all the stations both from the technique and the efficiency point of view. I have to admit that I had a lot of weak points before taking this course but I was confident on my skills afterwards. Of course you need a lot of practice and patience but when you have a very good understanding of what is asked of you in this exam it becomes much easier. And that is what Dr. Gupta did for me .. I successfully passed with a very good mark and I am very grateful! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in passing the Refraction Certificate with flying colours.” – AM, Clinical Fellow (ophthalmologist)Southend (2014)

“Leading up to the Refraction Certificate Exam, I contacted Dr Gupta to organise a mock exam. I had time with Dr Gupta to do a focimetry masterclass before the mock exam. The mock exam was very life-like. Dr Gupta timed me, observed my technique very closely and even pointed out how I could modify instructions given to the patient. I think the mock exam was absolute key in passing the actual exam. Dr Gupta’s strength is that he is patient and excellent at explaining difficult concepts. He was very clear in his feedback and has legible handwriting so I could read his feedback numerous times before my actual exam to ensure I didn’t make the same mistakes. He is also very friendly and easily puts people at ease. On top of all this, he was very flexible with timing. That meant I could meet him outside working hours without taking study leave. I highly recommend Dr Gupta for his courses and mock exams. Thank you so much Dr Gupta – I couldn’t have passed without your help. Please keep up your excellent work!” – ST, MBChB, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Liverpool (2014)