Our online taught OSCE course, which forms an integral part of the blended learning taught OSCE course too, consists of four video tutorials of approximately 1 hour length each, which teach you strategies on how to perform (and how not to perform):

  • history and symptoms stations
  • communication stations
  • data interpretation (structured viva) stations
  • clinical examination and practical skill stations

The course is station-orientated and full of tips and guidance, helping you to develop the right strategies to tackle the OSCEs effectively within the time limits! Below is a short video that shows what’s on offer – priced at only £149.00 for 1 week of access (or £99.00 if bought alongside a group OSCE course)

All online courses are available through our website and are fully accessible through computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, including compatibility with Windows, Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems. Your access to the course materials is subject to registration of an account on our website, payment of the course fee(s), agreement to our User Service Agreement, which is available upon request, and granting of an access key to the content thereafter.

If you have any queries or would like to purchase an online course, please contact us!

Here is a snippet of what’s on offer!

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