Optuitions is proud to offer an online refraction course, targeted primarily to the refraction certificate examination of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. The course comprises a series of videos that provide step-by-step instructions, guidance and demonstrations of the practical application of objective and subjective refraction techniques. Together, the videos will teach you how to perform:

  • subjective refraction including cylinder refinement, sphere refinement, and binocular balance
  • retinoscopy (non-cycloplegic and cycloplegic)
  • lens neutralisation with and without a focimeter

The course is station-orientated, helping you to familiarise and prepare for the actual stations that you will encounter in the exam. The videos are full of practical tips and guidance, to help you achieve accuracy and success within the time limits of each station!

The course forms an integral part of the 1-to-1 refraction certificate blended learning course that we offer, whilst it can also be purchased as smaller packages, each covering specific stations. If, for example, you are sitting the refraction examinations in Ireland or Scotland, where the emphasis is on retinoscopy and subjective refraction, you may wish to purchase the elements that are relevant to that exam only.

Package 1

– Cylinder refinement

– Retinoscopy: non-cycloplegic and cycloplegic retinoscopy

Package 2

– Sphere refinement

– Binocular balance including +1.00D blur test, Humphriss method and duochrome

Package 3

– Lens neutralisation – manual focimetry

– Lens neutralisation without a focimeter



For online-only course purchases, prices start at just £99.00 per week* for a single package, with a discount applied if two packages are purchased, and a further discount applied if all three packages are purchased. For the 1-to-1 refraction certificate blended learning course, the price includes all online video packages.

All online courses are available for a time-limited period through our website. The content is fully accessible through computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, including compatibility with Windows, Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems.

Your access to the course materials is subject to registration of an account on our website, payment of the course fee(s), agreement to our User Service Agreement, which is available upon request, and granting of access keys to the content thereafter.

If you have any queries or would like to purchase an online course, please contact us! *Please note that our prices have been modified for the COVID format of the exam – please contact us for more details.

For a snippet of what’s on offer, why not watch the short taster video below:


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