The OSCE is unlike any other exam you might have taken and so even if you sail through Stages 1 and 2 of pre-registration, many people become stuck with this final hurdle. Optuitions can prepare you to tackle the OSCEs with confidence and we provide a variety of different courses meet your needs, with prices starting from just £175.00 per person!

Blended Learning Taught OSCE Course

Included in this one-day course:

  • One week of access to our online video tutorials guiding you on how to actually tackle OSCE stations (click here to find out more)
  • 20 mock OSCE stations undertaken under exam conditions at our office on a mutually agreed day in-person on a 1-to-1 basis.

The video tutorials will help you to better understand how OSCEs work, how to develop effective communication, history and symptoms, data interpretation strategies as well as optimal demonstration of clinical skills. The in-person day includes the Volk Manikin and a variety of different stations covering all four station types.

Under the guidance of an experienced Assessor and mock OSCE Examiner, you will learn how to demonstrate best practice, practice lots of stations and optimise your chances of successfully passing the OSCEs! The course is offered on a 1-to-1 basis but you can also attend this course option on a 1-to-2 basis if you wish to attend with a friend / colleague (you will need to arrange the other person to attend with you). In this case you will do 13 stations per person and observe the other person do their stations too, being exposed to a total of 20 different stations!

Group Mock OSCE Courses

These one-day courses are held in groups of up to 3 people and you will undertake up to 11 OSCE stations per person under exam conditions receiving detailed individual feedback. The course includes a ring of 6 OSCE stations followed by different stations undertaken individually. You will get to observe colleagues undertaking stations (and vice versa) to gain a valuable insight into how other people approach OSCEs and learn from this too!

We now offer THREE different sets of mock OSCE stations, each set being one course day. We offer the opportunity for you to book more than one set of mock OSCEs if you wish, with discounts applied for the number of days you book:

  • ONE day includes 21 different OSCE stations, including the Volk Manikin
  • TWO days includes 41 different OSCE stations, including the Volk Manikin (a 10% discount is applied to the price per day)
  • THREE days includes 61 different OSCE stations, including the Volk Manikin (a 15% discount is applied to the price per day)

These courses run on set days and Optuitions will arrange the groups for you.


WE have 1-TO-1 courses still avaolable for the JUNE/JULY 2021 sitting of the exam please contact us at


Here is a selection of some of the recent feedback we have received from delegates for our group courses:

“Very informative, thoroughly enjoyed the day, I am leaving a lot more confident for the OSCES! 10/10!” – AR, June 2021

“Overall very informative and learned a lot about how to approach stations. Glad we could practice Volk on a dummy head. Would recommend!” – MS, June 2021

“Very detailed, explained everything really well. Overall very pleased!” – KC, June 2021

“Overall very informative, covered a large range of stations and provided in-depth feedback. Learned how to tackle stations and logical approach to take” – AM, June 2021

“Covers a range of topics in detail and explained how to tackle each station. Overall very happy with what was provided” – ZI, January 2021

“Good course, very informative. Have learned a lot!” – AK, January 2021

“I really enjoyed the two days and feel very confident with understanding elements of stations needed. Thank you so much for making us feel really relaxed” – AC, January 2021

“So useful to talk through each station in so much detail. Really grateful to be able to have practised Volk and practical stations as well as others!” – SM, January 2021

“Great variety of stations and a lot of useful informative feedback” – HA, January 2021

“Very helpful course, very good explanations and Dr Gupta is very easy to talk to when you have queries” – KR, August/September 2020

“Very good course, thank you so much for your help and dedication to this course!” – FZ, August 2020

“Spent the whole day with us, very useful to prepare for OSCEs and in a relaxed environment. Willing to answer all questions and encouraged positivity.” – SK, August 2020