Optuitions offers private eye care services on an appointment only basis, for all patients. An Optuitions comprehensive eye examination will include:

  • finding out about your individual visual needs
  • assessment of your vision and the need for optical correction (e.g. spectacles and contact lenses)
  • assessment of your eye health with pupil dilation
  • assessment of your eye pressure without the puff of air test!
  • referral refinement of glaucoma using gonioscopy – a check of the drainage channel of the eyes to help detect the risk of glaucoma or ocular hypertension
  • Treatment of common eye problems, including prescribing of medication if necessary, such as:
    • Dry eyes
    • Red eyes
    • Blepharitis
    • Ocular hypertension

The standard cost of this comprehensive eye examination is £75.00 per person

Follow-up appointments, if necessary, are charged at £40.00 per person, per appointment

In order to book an appointment, please contact us (click here for contact details)