Most useful aspect was my technique being observed

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“I attended the (refraction certificate) mock stations / practice course with Optuitions three weeks prior to the exam in London. We have regular teaching in our Deanery but it can be quite bitty, and we don’t often get our technique assessed in a timed setting. This was the main purpose of attending this course. I had been recommended it by a colleague. The equipment, set up and environment were all appropriate but the most useful aspect was my technique being observed and receiving specific feedback/criticism. Also, there’s a slight exam feel to it, so if you get nervous in exam situations then it’s good to recognise it before the exam. The expense is a bit steep, and I had to organise travel and overnight accommodation from Glasgow to the West Midlands, but if it means one-to-one feedback that gets you one step closer to your exit exams then I would say it’s worth it!” – MEA, ST3 (ophthalmologist), Glasgow (2017/2018)

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