I only wish I had done it sooner

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“After failing my pre-reg OSCEs twice I realised I needed help with my technique. I found Optuitions online after a simple Google search and I wish I had done this sooner and saved myself a lot of hassle! After getting through my pre-reg year with no real bumps or falls I didn’t anticipate that I would struggle so much with OSCEs. Dr Gupta was very helpful. The day I went I was in a group of 4, which I thought was a good number as you get to watch how other people react in stations. It’s done under exam conditions so you get a real feel for the stations. The first time I did my OSCEs I passed 7 stations and the next time I passed 8 stations. When I did them the third time (after the course with Optuitions) I passed all 14 stations (and the stations that day we’re definitely harder than the first two times!) If you are considering doing this course I couldn’t recommend it highly enough – location was easy to find and the course was well worth the money – I only wish I had done it sooner!” – SN, BSc (Hons) (Optometry), Pre-registration Optometrist, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2017)

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