In the long run it will be worth it

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“I attended the 1-to-2 mock OSCE course at Optuitions with a friend. The reason for booking this session was because I needed extra support and Dr Gupta is experienced within this field. I was recommended by a friend who told me Dr Gupta gave good advice in preparation for assessments. He is a genuine tutor who wants to help you pass and also help your understanding. I was able to ask questions without hesitation. The learning environment was in an optometric room, with all facilities available including slit lamp and the Volk Manikin, which was great! The tutorial provided me with tips on how to approach the stations and how to think when answering the stations. I was able to pass my OSCE first time, which I am so happy and relieved about! I would advise that if you are considering the service then go for it! Yes it may be slightly costly (you might get reimbursed by your company you work with), but it is worth it if you need help. Don’t struggle in silence and book yourself in – in the long run it will be worth it. Thank you Dr Gupta for providing this tuition service!” – SR, BSc (Hons) (Optometry), Pre-registration Optometrist, Birmingham (2016/2017)

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