The OSCEs can be a daunting prospect and even if you might have sailed through Stages 1 and 2 of the pre-registration, many people become stuck with this final hurdle. Optuitions offers a variety of course options to help you prepare for OSCEs, as detailed below, with prices starting from just £150.00 – please contact us for more details and specific pricing on the various course options.

Blended Learning Taught OSCE Course

Our blended learning course offers one week of access to our online video tutorials that will guide you through how to actually tackle the OSCEs. This is followed by a 1-day in-person one-to-one course where you will get to do 20 mock OSCE stations under exam conditions with individual feedback, analysis and guidance. The tutorials will enable you to:

  • Better understand how OSCEs work in terms of structure
  • Develop effective strategies in tackling the different types of stations that you might come up against
  • Have an insight as to what the examiners are looking for; and
  • The Volk Manikin is included in the course so you will get to practice this compulsory station before the real exam!

Under the guidance of an experienced Assessor and mock OSCE Examiner, you will learn how to demonstrate best practice, practice lots of stations and optimise your chances of successfully passing the OSCEs!

You can also have this course option as one-to-two basis if you wish to attend with a friend / colleague (please note that it is up to you to arrange the other person to attend with you). In this case you will do 13 stations per person and get to observe the other person do their stations too, and see a total of 20 different stations!

Prices start from just £199.00 per person. To book a course, please email us at:

Group Mock OSCE Courses

This course is held in groups of up to 4 people and provides the opportunity for you to practice 10 OSCE stations per person under exam conditions and receive detailed individual feedback from an experienced Assessor and mock OSCE Examiner. The course involves a short ring of OSCE stations followed by individual stations. What’s more, as you will be participating in groups, with colleagues observing you (and vice versa), you will gain an insight into how other people approach OSCE stations and learn from this too!

We now offer THREE days of group mock OSCE courses, with different sets of OSCE stations. In a single day you will be exposed to 22 different OSCE stations, including the Volk Manikin. If you choose to book TWO days then you will be exposed to 43 different OSCE stations, including the Volk Manikin and receive a 10% discount on the course price per day. If you choose to book ALL THREE days then you will be exposed to 64 different OSCE stations, including the Volk Manikin and receive just under 15% discount on the course price per day.

Under the guidance of an experienced Assessor and mock OSCE Examiner, you will learn how to demonstrate best practice and optimise your chances of successfully passing the OSCEs! (Course length is one full day). Please note that these courses run on set days and Optuitions will arrange the groups for you.

BOOKINGS OPENING SOON FOR THE SEPTEMBER 2020 OSCEs!! Click here to see available dates on the calendar when they become available!

Here is a selection of some of the feedback we have received from delegates for our group courses:

“Brilliant course! Really helped and learned a lot. Very friendly and funny, well worth the money! Thank you!” – AP, June 2019

“Good feedback on each station. Helped massively and realistic feedback. Great experience, would recommend 100%!” – FB, June 2019

“Excellent delivery of all the stations and very good feedback and help to improve on so many different techniques” – AS, June 2019

“Excellent course in comparison to others. I’ve learnt how to tackle the OSCEs.” – AA, June 2019

“Excellent! Great detail provided and a good range and number of stations covered” – AT, June 2019

“Very helpful with in-depth feedback and general templates of how to do OSCE stations. Very varied topics” – LC, June 2019

“Really valuable experience. If there’s one thing I’d recommend for OSCE preparation, it is this course!” – AR, August 2018

“Very pleased to have been able to benefit from this course. Keeps you involved, interested and informed throughout the day!” – SF, August 2018

“Very well structured. I know how to prepare for the OSCEs now!” – RA, August 2018

“I think overall it was very well done. By far the best course I have attended. Timing and organisation was very good” – IA, August 2018

“A real eye opener of the actual thing! Great experience of what stations will be like and how to tackle them; you can pick up the smallest important detail” – ZH, February 2018

“Definitely recommend it as you’ll learn so much, not just for OSCEs but for general practice too – stimulating and good feedback” – SK, February 2018

“Attended the course after failing 1st time – now I understand the OSCE concept more and the mind-frame needed” – NK, February 2018

“Very excellent course, would highly recommend. Broke everything down into logical and informative steps. Did not feel rushed.” – BJ, January 2018

“Excellent course, wish I did the course before my first OSCE attempt. Very grateful got a chance to use a manual focimeter!” – SK, January 2018

“I found the course really helpful and a good way to broaden my optical knowledge” – HN, January 2018

“Nice relaxed environment, very interactive. Really enjoyed it because I got to observe and learn from others. I know more pitfalls of the OSCE!” – CC, January 2018

“It was really helpful, highlighted areas I need to work on and provided more detail on how to communicate. Very glad I came!” – HB, January 2018