Optuitions is proud to present the “Eye Know!” series of group tutorials targeted at the Stage 1 and Stage 2 competencies for pre-registration optometrists. Prices start from just £50.00 per person.

These courses cover theoretical aspects of competencies that pre-registration optometrists will be assessed on. You will gain a better understanding of the theory behind these competencies as well as better understand record-keeping best practice, so that you can enhance the likelihood of achieving these competencies at the first attempt, as well as grow your confidence as a practitioner! Common topics covered include:

  • Visual fields
  • Red eye
  • Dispensing
  • RGP contact lenses
  • Binocular vision

The tutorials normally run from 6.30pm to 9.00pm and refreshments are provided on arrival (6.00pm onwards). The group size is kept intentionally small, with limited places available, so that we can better cater for each individual and to allow for open discussion in a relaxed environment.

To see what dates are available and to book a place, please click here