Optuitions offers private eye care services on an appointment only basis, for all patients. An Optuitions eye examination will find out all about your individual visual needs, assess your vision and the need for optical correction (e.g. spectacles and contact lenses), assess how well your eye muscles and pupils work together, and examine your eye health including measuring your eye pressure WITHOUT THE “PUFF OF AIR TEST”!

Through the process of examining your eyes, we might mind that further investigations are needed e.g. to rule out eye disease or if initial test results need to be repeated for accuracy. For a small additional fee, Optuitions will perform the following further investigations for you, which could save you from the time and stress of having to go to a hospital eye department:†

  • gonioscopy – a check of the drainage channel of the eyes to help detect the risk of glaucoma
  • 3D assessment of your eye health with pupil dilation*
  • digital retinal photography with the Cobra Fundus Camera (creating a permanent image of your retina to allow for easier comparison at future visits, to help detect subtle changes)
  • Prescribing of treatment and medication for simple eye problems such as dry eyes and red eyes

Optuitions strongly recommends these further investigations as part of your eye examination if you or any of your family members have: 

  • short-sightedness (myopia)
  • glaucoma
  • age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • cataracts
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure

† Please note that in light of these additional assessments, you might still require further investigations and/or management at a hospital eye department, for which referral will be needed.

* Please note that this investigation will automatically be necessary if you have certain symptoms and/or eye problems and/or if you have small pupils, in which case there will be no additional charge. Pupil dilation will also mean that you will not be able to drive for approx. 3-6 hours afterwards so please arrange for someone to drive you or visit us by bus or rail (click here for details on how to find us).

Dry eye assessments

Do you ever experience a gritty, sore, burning or an irritable feeling in your eyes?
Do you ever experience watery eyes?

Dry or watery eyes are common problems that can be caused by a variety of reasons. Optuitions offers a comprehensive assessment including the latest technology to examine the surface of your eyes and tear glands with the Cobra Meibography Analyser. We will then offer a bespoke management plan for you, including prescription of eye drops, fitting of punctal plugs, and syringing of tear ducts (as indicated). If you have not had an eye examination in the past 12 months, you will need to have one before a dry eye assessment. Optuitions welcomes patients who have had an eye examination elsewhere but we strongly recommend a complete eye examination and dry eye assessment for you at Optuitions.

Independent Prescribing

Optuitions have taken additional training to be able to prescribe treatments and medication for simple eye conditions such as red eye, conjunctivitis, and severe dry eyes. This can save you time from having to go to your GP or the hospital and also means that you can have in-depth examination and treatment all in one place now! Please note that this is NON-medical prescribing and that where necessary, onward referral to a medical professional might still be required.