Educational & Training Services

Optuitions can help to get you ahead of the competition! We are experts in optometric education and training, offering bespoke courses for eye care professionals including undergraduate and pre-registration optometrists, and ophthalmologists training in refraction. We offer specialist courses for those sitting exams and assessments with:

The College of Optometrists (Stage 1 assessments, Stage 2 assessments and OSCEs)

Royal College of Ophthalmologists – Refraction Certificate

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – refraction elements

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh – refraction elements

Courses are usually taught on a ONE-TO-ONE basis to maximise your learning and tailored to meet YOUR individual needs. We offer a flexible service with courses available throughout the year, arranged at mutually convenient dates and times to fit into your schedule. Please contact us to find out more.

Optuitions Courses

∗ The College of Optometrists: Scheme for Registration (Pre-registration Optometrists)

  • Stage 1 (Visit 1, 2 and 3 assessments) – From £275.00
    • Practical courses & theoretical courses, including review of patient records and example questions, case scenarios and Images
  • Stage 2 assessments (first sitting and re-sits) – From £275.00
    • Practical courses & theoretical courses, including review of patient records and example questions, case scenarios and Images
  • OSCEs including mocks (1 day course) – INCLUDES VOLK INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPY MANIKIN   Manikin
    • One-to-one = £395.00
    • One-to-two = £240.00 per person
    • One-to-three = £210.00 per person
    • NEW!! GROUP MOCK OSCE COURSES for the July 2017 College OSCE exam. Dates: 29th June, 03rd July, 04th July, 6th July and 11th July. Only £170.00 per person for this full day course. Practice 8 mock stations under exam conditions. Email with your name, GOC number and 1st and 2nd choice dates, to reserve your place! Deadline = 14th June 2017.
  • VIRTUAL Patient Records Review = from £250.00
    • Have your Stage 1 Visit 2, Stage 1 Visit 3, OR Stage 2 patient records reviewed in detail with feedback on suitability for assessment via email 
  • Bespoke tutorials on any topic = contact us for a quotation

  Refraction & Refraction Certificate Examinations

  • Retinoscopy (1-day) – from £275.00 per person
  • Subjective refraction (1-day) – from £275.00 per person
  • Lens neutralisation & focimetry (half-day) – from £195.00 per person
  • Mock OSCE stations (half-day) – from £195.00 per person
  • Practice sessionsfrom £195.00 per person per half day
  • PACKAGE DEAL – 1-day course on any TWO of the above – £445.00 (1-to-1) or £275.00pp (1-to-2)
  • PACKAGE DEAL  complete course (2-days) – £749.00 (1-to-1) or £495.00pp (1-to-2 – EXCLUDES Mock)

Training for non-UK practitioners seeking UK GOC registration

Return to work practitioners

Peer Discussion and/or Review

Editorial and consultancy services for production of dissertations, theses and peer-review journal articles

If the type of training you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us to find out if we can help you.

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